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You will find hundreds of websites on the internet selling a vast variety of wooden beads. Then what is so special about us? Why should one buy bulk beads from us? We give you a very good reason why you should buy wholesale beads from us!! Our artisans paint them so beautifully that they make them really adorable. You may find our statements exaggerating. Why not have a look at our products straight away? Maybe you can decide whether we are right in our judgment or not.



Our bulk beads are 100% hand painted with perfection. Each piece takes at least 4 hours to be painted. These wholesale beads are not screened through any computers. This is the skills of our artisans. The designs are so intricate, that it is a pleasure to the viewer's eyes. These wholesale beads are very high quality, fine painted and perfect for bead wholesale purchases. I really doubt you can find them anywhere else, surely not on any other site. This is unique art, something we are proud to sell.


Over the years we have seen that there is always high demand for particular sizes in each shape. Based on that, we have classified our collection in shapes and sizes. But at the same time, we have kept variations open. You can order any design in any shape and size from us. If you like certain design in round, you can order it in any size and in the shape you need. We will hand paint it for you. Currently in round shape we offer 3 different sizes i.e small, medium and large. The smallest is 1cms dia, medium 2cms and large is 3cms. The hole is normally kept at 2mm but can be varied as required.


Our retails website is still under construction and we will back with more product pages very soon. In the mean time, please browse through our product pages for bead wholesale purchases.. To place orders for this collection, kindly fill our Enquiry form and send us the details of your purchase. You can simply write us your requirements and we shall contact you within 24 hours with your request. If we have something similar to offer of what you seek, we shall send you prices and photos to have a better idea of our supplies. You can alternatively directly contact on the email address given below if you need to send us any images, artwork or new product ideas.


We have satisfied clients all across US, Europe and Australia. Hope to work with you and add to our list of esteemed clients. Happy shopping!! More products coming soon!! Ask for our catalog visit contact us page or email us at